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State & Federal Labor Law Posters

State, Federal, & OSHA in One Poster

  • OSHA "It's the Law" Poster
  • US DOL/WHD Federal Minimum Wage Notice
  • EEOC Federal Equal Employment Opportunity Civil Rights Notice (revised to include GINA and ADAAA Regulations) 
  • Department of Justice/USCIS Discrimination Notice
  • Employee Right to Know Notice
  • US DOL/WHD Employee Polygraph Protection Notice  

    Federal and State Side Panels:   
  • IRS Notices of Withholding and Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Common State-Specific Notices in the SS1 Labor Law Poster:
  • Payday Notice
  • State Workers' Compensation Notice
  • State Unemployment Insurance Notice
  • State Minimum Wage Notice     


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