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Beautiful enamel Subway Employee of the month pins


1. Drives Healthy Competition

Award for the best performance should motivate the employees to strive harder to attain their set goals, creating additional business impact for the organization. In sales, an employee with the highest sales figures, and most satisfied customers will have a good chance of getting the award. Similarly, in customer service, an employee who has the best customer ratings is likely to get a shot at the ‘Employee of the Month‘ award.

2. Helps in Employee Retention

‘Employee of the Month’ awards can help to retain employees, as it is a significant accomplishment and can help in boosting the employee’s motivation and commitment. The ‘Employee of the Month‘ and other forms of employee recognition can help in employee retention. When hard work is appreciated, employees feel happy and satisfied; hence, they are less likely to leave the organization.

3. Boosts Employee Engagement

The ‘Employee of the Month‘ Program increases employee engagement as the employee feels more motivated working towards a reward and recognition for their efforts. Employee engagement enhances the sense of belonging to the organizations. An engaged employee sees the organization’s goals and visions as his or her own and makes greater effort to increase the organization’s reputation and interests. He or she is fully absorbed and enthusiastic about his work.

4. Leads to Higher Productivity

A perfectly set up reward and recognition system with an ‘Employee of the Month’ Program is one of the best ways to appreciate and acknowledge employees who are doing well. Employees feel motivated to put in their best efforts and attain or overachieve their monthly goals. This leads to higher productivity and great business impact for the organization.







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